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"Distant Memory"

This is a series of street photographs that were taken in Grafton Street during Ireland’s level 5 lockdown. The famous street is now unrecognisable. Very few people are walking around, many shops are closed and the whole area is covered in social distancing signs. The vibrant and busy street and the social life it once represented now seems like a distant memory. 

"Anxiety Relief Plushie"

For this project I created a plushie that soothes people who are feeling anxious.  I wanted to emulate the technique used by Melissa Nunes-Harwitt so I designed a plushie that would heat up when you squeeze it slightly so that it feels like you’re hugging someone. Additionally, I used the heart sensor to visualise the person's heart rate as a sine function and the higher the heart rate the higher the amplitude would be. The heart sensor would also trigger soothing recordings of a positive affirmations and directions such as "take a deep breath". Lastly, the two LED lights will be used to signify when the person is feeling stressed (red) vs when the person is not (blue).
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