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"The Fool"

This is a self portrait combined with a poem to explore the theme of body image and how it is impacted by our environment.  I try to express my frustration with how I grew up around people who have always spoken negatively about my body even though, looking back now, it looks beautiful to me. I used to have such disdain for my body and I feel like a fool for ever thinking that in the first place. Taking photographs of my body like I did for this project is a step closer to self acceptance and eventually self love.


In this video piece I show the contrast between where I live currently and where I grew up. I am currently living and studying in Ireland but I constantly think about my hometown in Cyprus and the main difference is the appearance of the two places and the languages spoken. Since I live in Ireland I speak english for most of the day however I always think in Greek which causes a lot of confusion. I attempt to show that through this video thought the imagery and the shifting language of the audio. 
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